Wednesday, August15th, 7pm

Beacon Performing Arts Center
327B Main Street, Beacon

We have had a great response regarding our upcoming Local Theater Round Table (although the actual table will probably be rectangle) and I am excited about the prospects and the fun that we will have.

Our friends, Jake and Kate Vander Linden have offered to host the event at the Beacon Performing Arts Center, (refreshments will be served)

Listed below is the nucleus of our agenda, please feel free to comment or add your thoughts for discussion, these are ideas and I hope to hear yours as well:

  • Identifying and sharing resources
  • Mutual marketing ideas
  • What works, what doesn’t
  • What can we offer each other?
  • Growing our audiences
  • Growing our membership
  • Technical support

I am looking forward this gathering and think we will have a great time. Perhaps, if all of our guests have the time, they would be kind enough to respond with a very brief introduction to the group, that would be great.

Thanks everyone,


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